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All of our tools are Indusrty Standard. Consumer grade tools are widely available at most Home-Depot or Lowes stores, However our company only uses Professional grade tools only available at Industry Specific Supply Stores and now where else. The preferred brand of our squeegee's and rubber is only made by Ettore.

Our Preferred soap is Glass Gleam 3 or GG3, Biodegradable-USDA Approved. A superb concentrated additive to water. Designed specifically for cleaning glass and window films using a squeegee.

Oil-Flo Safety Solvent Cleaner. Non-volatile.  A specialized product for removing organic stains such as asphalt, tar, oils, tree pitch, adhesive stickers, gum, candle wax, silicon caulk, roof tar, oil, etc.  It is a versatile and effective cleaner that works especially great for removing graffiti.  Oil Flo is safely used on glass, vinyl, concrete, metals, carpets, and clothing. Oil Flo is the proven answer to cleaning asphalt, spills, overspray, equipment, clothes, concrete and lots more.
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