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Question: Some businesses say a few clients state that they do not want their windows cleaned because ‘the rain will just make them dirty again during the winter rainy season’. Is this really a fact?

Answer: It is a common perception in parts of Europe, but in the USA, it is the ‘normal thing’ for window cleaners to carry on in all weather except storms and high winds.

The three major things that cause windows to become dirty are:

   * Pollen
   * Insect droppings and nest building
   * Dust

If these are present on the glass when it rains, the residue in the rain attaches itself to the dirt and often makes the windows look worse.

However if the windows are cleaned, then the rain will simply sheet off the clean glass and the windows continue to remain clean.

Many property managers of large complexes are aware of this, so therefore their properties’ windows are cleaned during the rainy season, e.g. the NY University: “Window cleaners shall perform work reasonably assigned to them on rainy and snowy days. Window cleaners shall not be required to work on a sill on which there remains an accumulation of snow or ice or other slippery substances.”

   * They get more for their money since the windows will stay cleaner longer.
   * Their clients also have a more enhanced winter by not having to look through dirt streaked windows.

Question: Why won’t some window cleaners work in the rain?

Answer: Because they don’t want to get wet.

For some people, window cleaning is a something to top up their dole money, or a hobby, but for professionals, it is their livelihood. They have families to support. They need to work in all weathers except high winds and storms. Such is legal in the UK, as it is in line with requirements of the government Health & Safety Executive (Source: HSE Information Sheet MISC613)

Summary: Doesn’t rain make the windows dirtier? No. Residue in rain attaches itself to the dirt that is already there, often making windows look worse. However, rain simply sheets off of clean window glass and they remain clean. Enhance your winters by enjoying clean windows!

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